Papillons are a lively Toy Breed which are dedicated to their families. There are two varieties, the erect ear (Papillon) , and the drop ear (Phalene). The word Papillon is French in origin and means Butterfly. Phalene is also French, and means Night Moth. These beautiful little dogs can adapt to most any climates and do well in an apartment dwelling or in the wide open spaces of country living. They love to ride in the car and typically love to meet other people and their dogs. Outgoing, curious, and strong-spirited, papillons rank as one of the top toy dogs in Obedience and Agility competitions.

Papillon Dog Profile

I got my first Papillon in 1991 and I have loved them ever since. They easily steal your heart with their bubbly personality and willingness to please.

Members of the Papillon Club of America (PCA)

Spring 2009 in Texas

Spring 2008 in Texas

Spring 2007 in Texas

Spring 2005 in Texas

Spring 2004 in Texas

Spring 2003 in Texas

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What it is to Show

I believe showing is not only a combination of a lot of hard work,
training and caring for coat, but the dogs must have it
in their genes or you're wasting your time.
They must love it! They must want it. They must live for it!
Most of all, they must have fun!




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