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Please Note: This page is basically divided into 4 sections.
first section (paragraph) explains a little about what information we need from you when you email us.
second section (paragragh) explains some our basic beliefs and how we raise our puppies.
third section (paragraph) lets you know what to expect when you choose a Braylor's
Papillon as your new family member.
fourth section will have photos and information on our available Papillons.

Once you have read through this page, and if you are serious about wanting a puppy, please feel free to email us for more information on any of our available pups. Photos of our available pups are listed below under the heading "Available Papillons".

If you would like some information to help you in your search for a reputable Papillon breeder visit our
"Finding a Reputable Breeder" page
and please remember, Pets Are For Life

We occasionally have pups and retirees available! Show prospect and Companion! All Companion Pets are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in adding one of our butterfly babies to your family. However, please do not contact us if are not serious about wanting a Papillon or if you expect something incredibly "cheap". We get 100's of emails a month and it can become very time consuming to sift through the non-serious ones and then give adequate time to the ones who are serious. We are always happy to answer important questions and we do offer shipping to most areas. When you do contact us inquiring about a pup please provide basic information about yourself/family, location (state), what color, sex and size you prefer and if you are wanting a pup for showing, agility, obedience or simply as a quality companion. Also, please let us know if you prefer a particular personality. For instance a very athletic and outgoing pup may better fit a family with an active lifestyle while a calmer lap pup may better fit the needs of others. We request this information not because we are nosey, but because this helps us properly match the right puppy to your family. We want our babies to have a home for life so if we can help you choose the right puppy for your situation it further ensures both the puppy and the new family will be happy for many years to come. We try to respond to most emails within 24 hours, but if you do not hear from us immediately we may be away at a show so have patience and we will get back with you. Also keep in mind that we do get hundreds of emails so it can take a little time to adequately respond and answer all your questions. We also have spam filters so if you have not heard back from us within a reasonable amount of time feel free to contact us again. Please note: We do not answer emails that simply ask "How Much"". We understand you may need to know a price range to help you plan for your new puppy, but we need to know a little about your family, setting and preferences in order to adequately answer some of your questions.

To see some of our happy Braylor Papillon owners
and begin to understand why we ask about your family and preferences
visit our Testimonial page.
Our success rate in matching the right Pap to the right family will speak for itself.

We believe in order for a puppy to become a valued and treasured member of your family it must be cared for properly from the start. All of our Papillons are started out as if they were going to be show dogs. This means they are handled daily and given lots of love and socialization. We also believe that in order for a pup to be better prepared for life in general it should receive a certain amout of nurturing from it's mother. Not all pups are mature and ready to take on the world at 6 weeks of age. All pups mature at different rates. This means each pup must be evaluated at various ages so the proper time to wean can be decided. All of our pups are left with their mother until they are at least 8 weeks of age. Some are even left with their mother a little longer. It has been our experience a pup which gets that extra week or two of nurting is more social, more confident and better prepared for life in general. This helps not only future show pups, but also future companions.

Our pups are almost always litter box trained and/or doggy door trained. They have excellent pedigrees and come with full records of vaccines, wormings, pedigree, photos of parents, photos of your pup at various ages and sometimes photos of siblings, a basic Papillon breed information sheet, a little of their current food, feeding/daily schedule, a list of their favorite play things etc...
When you get a pup from us you are not only getting a happy healthy bundle of love, but you are also getting a life-long friend and companion.

All of our pups are always well socialized as you can see.

Our site is updated very regularly,
but if you don't see what you are looking for
ask us as we may have something else coming up
or know a friend who does!

Available Papillons

If you are looking for a particular color of Papillon, but are not sure how to desribe the color you are wanting please visit our Colors Page for more information.

If you would like to learn some basic breed information visit our Profile Page.
For more breed information and to see the changes a Papillon puppy goes through to reach adulthood visit our Papillon Information Page. For information on the history of this fine breed visit our Breed History Page.

We have some retired companion Paps coming available throughout the year. Contact us for more information if a loving retiree might fill the empty spot beside you on your couch or in your lap.

See my Pedigree See my Pedigree
Toya Toya!

Toya is looking for an agility or companion home. She is a very happy and playful girl with a decent amount of energy so a couch potato family is not recommended. Her structure is very nice. She is litter pan trained within her playpen area for when we are not home, but loves going out to romp and play as well so she could be trained in any fashion in a new home. She is around 15 months and is on the slightly larger side for the breed so has gotten a little bigger than we prefer for showing. As is common with reds she is not carrying an overly full coat and it will be slow to mature fully, but once spayed her coat will fill in much nicer.


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