Papillons of the Past

These dogs have had a significant impact on our breeding program over the last 15 years or so. They are all now retired, but photos have been left available for pedigree reference.

AM CH INT CH Lamonia's Coco Chanel, DOM
Born 12-29-01.
Dam: SUCH Lamonia's Mary Poppins
Sire: SUCH Silenzio's Hamilton
CERF 2003
Easily gained her title by 11 months of age with
multiple BOB wins over specials from the puppy classes.
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Lamonia's Linette
Born: 8-26-02
CERF 2006


CH Braylor's Penny Lane (Penny)
Born: 1-7-05
Sire: AM INT CH Forevr Reign Of Fire
Dam: Lamonia's Yodah

CH Braylor's Lovely Rita (Rita)
Born: 1-7-05
Sire: AM INT CH Forevr Reign Of Fire
Dam: Lamonia's Yodah

CH Braylor's Painted Mischief (Misha)
Finished her title with a 5 pt major
going OS over a special.

CH Braylor's Fifth Element (Ellie)
Born: 10-16-04
Dam: CH Forevr Longwing Bama Jubilee
Sire: CH Silverwings Diane
Finished her title in only 2 months with all OS wins.
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Braylor's Moonlight Serenade (Sera)
Born: 12-13-03
Dam: AM INT CH Lamonia's Coco Chanel
Sire: CH Dear's Wildways Reveille, SOM

CH Riley's Chance Of A lifetime (Blondie)
Born: 4-17-04.
Sire: Braylor's Chance

Dam: CH Riley's Southern Belle
Not even shown until 18 months Blondie finished her title with
3 majors including two 3 point majors for her first two wins
and a 5 pt major at a specialty show to finish.

Forevr Candy Is Dandy, DOM (Candito)
Born: 6-28-02
Dam: CH Envy Ears For Cheers
Sire: CH Luxxor Yankee Doodle Dandy
CERF 2008
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Lamonia's Yodah (Yodah)
Born: 1-20-03
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Toymaker's Rosa
Born: 8-10-02
CERF 2007

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Caratoots Celestial Coronation (Candy)
CERF 2006
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Silverwings Dolores
Born: 2-25-03
CERF 2008

Silverwings Diane
Born: 2-25-03
CERF 2007

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Braylor's Care Bear (Carrie)
Born: 12-7-03.
Sire: Toymaker's Razz
Dam: Braylor's Cast An Illusion

CH Lots Of Loves Spitfire Girl (Zoey)
Born: 1-28-02
Dam: Shas Elegant Eppie (Eppie)
Sire: Braylor's Mini Mighty Monster (Monster)

Easily gained her title in only 3 months.
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CH Lamonia's Okarina
Born: 7-19-02.
Finished her title with a 4 pt major &
a BOB win over specials.

CH Braylor's Five By Five (Faith)
Born: 6-8-03.
Sire: CH Riley's Obsessed With Texas
Dam: AM INT CH Lamonia's Coco Chanel
Easily gained her by 12 months w/ limited showing and a
3 pt major her first day in the ring.

Braylor's Christian Dior (Chris)
Born: 6-8-03.
Dam: Lamonia's Coco Chanel
Sire: Riley's Obsessed With Texas (Tyler)
Chris is now is a wonderful performance and Jr showmanship home.
and has already gained his Novice Rally title.

Braylor's Float Lika Buttafly (Millie)
Born: 9-9-00
Dam: Nikki-Nik-Nak (Nikki)
Sire: Rev'd N Ready (Sparky)

INT CH Pixiedust Trix of the Trade (Trixie)
Born: 3-22-01
Dam: Pixiedust Notorious Liasons
Sire: Pepejas Twilight Time


Texican's Ermine N Mink (Erma)
Born: 8-24-98
CH Texican Peacock Of Titian (Terry)
Dam: Baywind's Shade Of Mahogany (Fanny)

Braylor's Spell Bound (Willow)
Born: 5-30-02
Dam: Braylor's Cast An Illusion (Cassie)
CH Connection Jocos Fly North (Steven)

Braylor's Queen Bea Forevr (Bea)

En-La's B-One Derful (Wonder)
Born: 2-13-97.

Braylor's Mini Mighty Monster (Monster)
Born 6-15-99.
Dam: Nikki-Nik-Nak (nikki)
Sire: Rev'd N Ready (sparky)
Monster resides with the Monarch Kennel of Kansas
and is being shown in that area. He has already
racked up numerous points towards his Championsip title.

Braylor's Racin' Mason (Mason)
Born 4-17-98.
Dam: Nikki-Nik-Nak (Nikki)
Sire: Rev'd N Ready (Sparky)
Mason is now the cornerstone for another kennel.

Touche's Gift From The Heart (Prissy)
Born 2-4-96.
Currently holds 2 points.
Prissy was too small for breeding and was retired as a pet.
She resides with a friend.
Dam: Baywind's We Aim Tapleez

Sire: CH Titan's Red Storm Rising

Nikki-Nik-Nak (Nikki) was born 6-26-96.
Produced 3 lovely litters and is the mother of Millie on the show page.
She is also the the mother of Mason and Monster above.
She is now retired.
Dam: Chevre Colline Desert Storm (Stormy)

Sire: CH Showtime's Tri-Star (Tri)
Nikki, like her mother, never had her heart in showing
so we didn't push her. She did, however, produce very
nice show pups for us.

Braylor's Hailey Honey Bee (Hailey) was born 7-15-97. She is about 7 months here.
She later became the mother of Cassie (below) and is now retired.
Dam: Tiff's Ears of Plenty (Tiffany)
Sire: Tailor's Ears Of A Feather (Tailor)

Braylor's Cast An Illusion (Cassie)
Born 5-13-00.
Dam: Braylor's Hailey Honey Bee
Sire: Braylor's Racin Mason

Tailor's Ears Of A Feather (Tailor)
Born 7-15-97.
Dam: Ozark Daisy

Sire: CH Titian's Red Storm Rising
Tailor's show career was shorted because of a
family members health. He did gain a couple of
points and is father to Hailey (above) and
grandfather to Cassie on our "Moms" page.
He is now in a new home living the life of a spoiled pet.
He will always be in our heart.

Rev'd N Ready (Sparky)
Born 4-3-97.
Dam: Touche's Perfectly Proper

Sire: CH Karousel's Kimball

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