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Thank you for the holiday wishes. My holidays have been filled with lots of joy mainly because Weaver, now called Bella, is such a joy each and every day. She is so beautiful and smart. She knows all the basic obedience skills both verbally and by hand signals. In addition to the obedience skills she also knows 4 more cute tricks. I bought her a tunnel, a chute and a set of weave poles for Christmas. She loves them all so I think she is really going to be good at agility. Every since the day I brought her home she has been potty trained -- she goes on the potty pads and outside! She has brought so much joy to me. I will forever be thankful to you for bringing her into my world. My Mom loves her so much I may get in touch with you this coming Spring to see if you have any more puppies we could get for our Mom. I will send an updated picture soon. In the meantime, please take care.

Thank you again,


Hi Brandi. I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas. I just realized that I never sent you a picture of Lily (Ally). She is doing really well- she loves to play with her toys and she does lots of tricks. Robert and I just love her so much. Also, I have been thinking about getting a male puppy for her to be friends with. One Papillon just isn’t enough. Anyway, here is a picture of her that you can put on your website, if you’d like. Hope all is well.

Elizabeth Acklin
(Texas, USA)


Lizzy Update:

Hi Brandi, Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas! I am sending a recent picture of my little Lizzy! She is still very small. Looks bigger in the photo, but keep in mind that her "brother" Quinn, is a toy Australian Shepard and he only weighs 10 pounds. (I have to be very careful with her weight however as she seems to easily grow chubby!) They are guarding my 8 month old grandson Dylan, who Lizzy believes to be her baby! She even growls at me when I am trying to take pictures of her with him as she doesn't like me to get too close with the camera! She is very beautiful! Everyone that sees her comments on her! Even people who don't normally like dogs! I have been out of work since Oct. and she is by my side every possible minute! I hope she is not going to be too sad when tax season starts in a couple of weeks and I have to go back to work. But I will still have more time at home than I used to, and only a 4 month work season. Hoping to have a home business up and running after that so I don't have to leave for work at all! Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lizzy sends her love!

(New Hampshire, USA)


Sasha Update:

how wonderul - cailen came in to work with me today and we discovered your email and website link together - so much fun and really surprised to see sasha and cailen posted with our emails - so fun - it made me realize you need more pictures tho - she is a really beautiful dog - we went to the akc agility competition in humble,tx not to long ago where a couple of paps where making their scoring - sorry, i forget what it is called - it was awesome watching it and sasha wasn't there, but i really felt she was exceptional in looks to these paps - a tinier face, body, more petite, alert, delicate (always with the one paw in the air like a lady drinking from a cup of tea with her pinky finger) - she is so fast running circles around the house that i know she would do well with the agility - we are going to start looking into it this next year - a shame cailen can't compete her until she if 15 tho - they have really started keying into each other - sasha's intellect seems to have really kicked in in the past several months - she is quite keen and responsive - we read everything we could at the used books store about paps - it seems in the days with the royals, they were often thought to have ESP - i believe it - she is very in tune with us - anyway - thanks so much for staying in touch and sharing the site updates - so much fun - see attached some pix and i will try to be better at sending more in the coming year - merry christmas !!!

Lisa, Cailen and "Sasha"
(Texas, USA)



Just wanted to let you know that Chris had his surgery today. It was done with a laser and doesn't seem to have slowed him down at all! I'll put a copy of his neuter certificate in the mail to you tomorrow. He has settled in quite nicely. He loves our yellow lab, Shiloh, and she thinks he's fun. I'll attach a photo of the two of them during our last snowstorm. He's eating meals on schedule with the others now and he has hardly marked in the house for the last couple of weeks. He enjoys daily walks with the labs and even likes to lead the pack on the way home. He is so bonded to Heather I can hardly believe the way he jumps on her and showers her with kisses when she comes home. I think he's definitely happy here.
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas.

(Texas, USA)


Brandi and Mike,

May the holidays bring you and yours a much happy and joyous season. I am sending a picture of Lexie I took in the fall on our deck. The picture of the 3 of us was made in October for our Christmas cards. She is such a joy to Ken and me. We just love her so much. We bought a RV so we don't have to leave her when we travel. Merry Christmas.

Carolyn, Ken and "Lexie"
(North Carolina, USA)


Hi Brandi,

I just wanted to get these three photos out to you, so I brought them to work. See Mattie and Jessie how they love to come on our laps and go to sleep. They are doing very well. Anyway, I hate to go to work. I just look at their photos and I melt. I want to run home to be with them. They are wonderful.

(Pennsylvania, USA)



Here is Princess Molly. We call her Molly. She turned 5 months on November 20th.

Tim, Peter, James, Brenda and of course, Molly
(Texas, USA)



Heather and Chris are home safe and sound. Thank you for helping her get checked in at the airport with him. Thanks also for sending the belly band. He seems to have made the trip without too much stress. He is a big boy! He's more beautiful in person than in his pictures.

(Texas, USA)


Hi Brandi and Mike,

I'm sending you a photo of little Vito (the former Elvis) in his Halloween costume--a bumble bee. He enjoyed greeting the trick-or-treaters at the door on Halloween. He is healthy and happy and very smart. We took him to Texas with us a couple of weeks ago. We took him on the plane as carry-on. We thought of you when we landed at DFW and wished we could have contacted you and possibly brought him by for a visit, but time was short since we were traveling on to Austin. Vito is a great little traveler. He loves meeting people, and he KNOWS how cute he is. We took him to his vet last week for his usual check-up. He weights 6 1/2 pounds. Hope the upcoming holidays are happy for you.

Lynda Rivers Bauer
(Craig, Colorado, USA)



I can hardly believe she is so tiny and petite. After I picked her up I did a little new dog shoppping. Lots of people stopped me to chat about her..A few that owned Paps. I took her to my vet saturday..rabies and parvo shot. She really has a lovely disposition ,very loving, but very playful too. My mother has already fallen for her too. Thanks.

(Texas, USA)

1 year update 10-12-04

Dear Brandi,

Attached is a picture of Tango. She's a darling girl and a wonderful companion. Today she had her one year check up at the vet I took her to right after picking her up. Everything about her is perfect! Thanks so much

(Texas, USA)


Hi Brandi, we are home safe and sound. No problems, Emily is doing great, she came out of the crate jumping around. I put her in her litter box twice and a few seconds she jumped in and did her business and was rewarded with a treat. Now she is sitting down on the rug watching me. Thank you so much for her. we will be constantly in touch.

(Texas, USA)


Hello Brandi & Mike,

Just a 72 hours update, I think Emily is more relaxed, she is enjoying her chew toys and today I got to see her perform. She would run very fast from one room and return, do a complete circle and run off again (she is fast). She was really enjoying herself today. I have a lot of love for Ms. Emily, she is special and will be treated special. I began her on flea treatment today. She will see the Vet next week and continue on what vaccanation is due. Emily is really adjusting well to being litter boxed trained. She runs and jump in her box and then look forward to her treat. She dances for those liver treats/rewards. We will be in touch and pics will be coming. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart for this loving pet that will fill a big empty spot in my life.

(Texas, USA)


Hi Brandi,


Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Parker (Manny). He is a great addition to our family and needless to say he is spoiled rotten!! He loved the beach, we thought he might dig to China but he never made it! We have yet to hear him bark, he whines but I guess he just doesn't have a need to bark. We have been taking him everywhere with us to socialize him. The kids at the high school love him! He was a big hit on registration day. He follows me around and just naps at my feet. He is getting used to being in his crate when we go somewhere where we can't sneak him in. We even took him in Subway, we just sat in the back and he didn't make a sound. He just sat on my daughters lap while she was eating. I love our vet and she said that he looks great. My vet is giving us better service than our doctors! Parker and I start obedience school on the 22nd. He's definitely going to need it after all of the spoiling. The potty training is going better since school started, definitely easier than potty training kids. I am attaching a few pictures of us at the beach and of course no picture would be complete without Parker! Thanks again for sharing one of your babies with us, he is truly a joy.

(Oregon, USA)


We got him. Everything was on time and Danny is a great puppy. He was clean the whole time and he peed and pooped within in a couple of minutes of putting him in his home yard. He is spoiled already and wants to be held all the time which should not be a problem around here. Thanks again and we will send pictures on a regular basis.

(Louisiana, USA)


Hi Brandi And Mike


We just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed and loved our little "Lexie." She is so full of life and loves everyone. She is looking more like her mother as she gets older. She has a lot of black on her ears and some black hair is coming in on her coat. She is just beautiful. I, especially, wanted to let you know we have been in Canine Good Citizen classes and today we went for the test. She PASSED!!!!! The instructor was a little forgiving as Lexie loves everyone so much and it was hard for her to stay in a sit position when anyone approches her. I just wanted to let you know how we are doing and will be in touch again real soon.

Regards, Carolyn
(North Carolina, USA)  


Mike & Brandi


I can't believe just how sweet little Panda is. I really can't believe it. She is the most adoring, lovable little sweetheart I could ever imagine and smart as whip too! Saturday, the day just after her arrival, she seemed to be down and out and I spent every moment with her to comfort her as much as possible. I left the entire weekend open just to spend with her to help her adjust to her new surroundings. By Saturday night she was following me everywhere. She went and watched everything I did like a little hawk. Sunday, she finally showed me what she looks like when her tail wags! Since then she has been doing just fine. She already has her own designated spot next to my pillow and even has her own quilted cover that I made her for when we go to sleep at night. She is a pip though...if I happen to get out of bed and go into another room in the middle of the night she speaks up with these adorable little woofs until I come back and lay down with her. She melts my heart and makes me laugh. I wanted to share the following little story with you, The day I first saw Panda on your web-site I thought about her the rest of the afternoon, after getting home, my six year old son Alec went on the computer to play a monster truck game in which he has the ability to design the trucks he uses on the tracks. (Now keep in mind, I never made any mention to him that I was searching to adopt a dog.) Anyways, after I got out of the shower, my son says, "Mom, come and look at this truck I made, I think you're really going to like it, I named it Panda". Well I nearly fell off my feet! I couldn't believe he said that!! The truck was black and white, but usually he names them after real monster trucks, Big Foot, Grave Digger, etc. When I asked him where he'd come up with that name, he just smiled and said, "It was in my mind". This isn't the first time he's done something this similar, and we do share a very close bond with each other. This is when I knew Panda would become a part of our lives. And she truly is in our hearts as well. I knew my son would be gentle with her, but watching him with her makes me feel secure that she won't be harmed and I believe Panda thinks so just as well...everytime either he or I lay down, she is right there with either one of us! I will keep in touch every so often when I have a Panda story, cute picture or if I consider the addition of a companion for Panda. Right now I think she enjoys being the only one getting all the attention though. :-) I want to thank you very much and hope that all is well with you both.

Kind regards, Anna
(New York, USA) 



Annie is turning into such a beautiful girl as you can see. Her coat is coming in beautifully. She is a great dog. Thanks so much for trusting us with one of your babies.

(Texas, USA)




You will be happy to know that Mako is a wonderful addition to our family, and we all love him desperately. He of course loves to play with the kids and is an extremely intelligent dog. Thank you for such a well-bred, exceptional dog.

Thanks Debbie


I want to thank you for such a wonderful puppy!! We all love him to death. He was a very good boy last night as he did not make a mess at all and waited until he went out this morning.

Thanks Debbie
(Virginia, USA) 




We are home and Kenny is sitting in my lap while I am sending. He did very well on his adventure and I think he likes my husband better than me already.



We had a good night - I left the kennel out and Kenny decided to sleep most of the night in there, then the rest in his bed that I put under my bed. He ate all his food this morning. He loves to be outside and I think he watches the TV. He is very sweet.


Kenny just came home from the vet, he was neutered today and had shots. I will mail the certificate next week. The people at the vet fell in love with him. They said he is soooo beautiful ( and I agree ) and they think he is a character. As for us, Kenny owns us, he is a constant in all we do at home, always watching us or sitting in my lap. As it turned out he favors me more than anyone, which I don't mind. He sleeps with us now and boy does he like to eat. He had a few accidents in the house, but otherwise he waits for us to take him outside. I have pictures I need to download into the computer - I will send some this weekend.



Hi Brandi,
Wanted to let you know that Kenny (Satchel) is doing fine. We wanted to let you know we are so happy to have him. He is still quite a character especially when he wants something. He gets a bath every Sunday and seems to like being wrapped up in a towel. He loves to play with his toys and run through the house, up on the couch, and back down the hallway. Like I said before he loves being outside and we noticed he pulls off every dandilion flower he can find, chases all bugs and watches me work in the garden. He is always with me, that saying about never going anywhere alone again is very true. He is still shy about strangers and gets car sick once in a while. He likes to sit in the picture window, right at my head and watch the birds. He sits up in the window and looks for me when I come home from work and meets me at the door with that butt up in the air wagging his tail and making that funny noise - not quite a bark...well its hard to descibe. It is raining like crazy here this week, so I will take pictures this weekend and send. Hope you are well.

(Maryland, USA)


Hi Brandi and Mike!


We are home and we just love Lizzy!! She is incredably sweet! She was kissing me within seconds of being given to me! Her plane landed at 4:42 and they didn't get her over to me until 5:25. That was a looooooong wait! I was a little concerned that she had not done anything in her crate, so I stopped and got a leash and took her out. She immediately soiled (it was a bit loose, but I am figuring that could have been due to holding it all day and being nervous?). She is marching around here like she owns the place! She very nicely introduced herself to each cat, and most of them are thrilled to have her as they have missed their dogs a lot! So far even the cranky older cat has liked her. She has investigated her new toys and likes the balls the best. She is a little snuggle bunny! We got home just before it started snowing tonight and I've gotta tell you she is not impressed! She headed right back for the door as soon as she figured out she couldn't walk away from it! I absolutely love her! Thank you both so much! I will keep you posted on how she is doing and will send pictures too!

Thanks Again, Dorene


She is just perfect! She is tired now, but trying not to go to sleep! I have an exercise pen set up in the living room with her crate, food and water, many toys, and a puppy pad, in case she has an accident. The cats are all keeping her company! I am hoping she will settle down for at least a little nap while I go out to do barn checks. Then we will go out for a little potty break before we go to bed. She will be right in the bedroom so I can hear her if she needs to go out or anything. Even in there there will be at least one cat! She has been very good with the cats. She likes to follow them but doesn't chase or grab at them. She was actually rolling a ball around with one of them. It looks like she is going to fit right in here with no problem at all! And she is so beautiful! :) :) :) :) :) :) Dorene


Dear Brandi and Mike, I just wanted to let you kow that my little Lizzy is just perfect. I just adore her! She has been sooooooooooo good! Housebroken, good with the cats, loves everyone! I do think she may think she is a cat sometimes! She got to come to work with me a couple of times where she was also perfectly behaved and absolutely sucked up every drop of attention that was showered on her! Everyone wants one now, and they want them to be JUST like Lizzy! I have been hoping to get some really good pictures of her with her cats, but they are either flying around here at full speed or she is curled up in my arms as she is right now!! I am sending you a picture that my daughter took of her the night she got here. It is not a great picture, but she was already feeling right at home! I am so glad I waited to buy a puppy long enough for her to become available!

Thanks Again!! Dorene

Hi Brandi and Mike,
Just wanted to let you know that I had my little Lizzy spayed on Thursday. Also had to have some puppy teeth removed and her ears and tear ducts flushed. She is doing just fine. A little upset that we are keeping her away from her "little brother" (haha he is 3 months old and bigger than her now!) for a few days as they play very rough together. Also has to spend a lot of time in her xpen as she is not allowed to jump for 5 to 7 days. The lady at the vets office was very impressed with her! She stacked her up and oooood and aaaaaaad! Wondered why I was spaying her!! I just love her to death! She is a sweet little thing!


She is still very small. Only 4.7 pounds!! Cute as a button and she knows it too! Her adult coat is coming in very nicely. She is a little doll. Much nicer than I ever imagined and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I did not settle for one of the less expensive ones that I had been looking at! I just wanted you to know that I get compliments on how nice she is all the time! I will take some new pictures of her and send them to you soon. We haven't been taking as many pictures as we got a new camcorder and have been going crazy with that! Supposed to be able to get photos from that too, but we haven't figured that out yet. I have been trying to get a decent pic of her with some of her cats but every time I point the camera at them they notice and take off on me! She now helps Quinn, her 3 month old toy austrailian shepard "brother" herd the cats around the living room and they are very good at it! The cats still like her but Quinn is not too high on their list as he always wants to be telling them where to go. Lizzy only does once in a while. She is a great little watch dog. She notices everything and lets us know the second things are not right! One night she kept telling me there was a problem in the front yard. I kept looking out the windows and door and could not see anything wrong. She was adamint that there was a problem. Finally I got up on the couch and looked down below the windows and sure enough, there was the barn cat, walking back and forth waiting for someone to let him come in the house. Lizzy and I went and got him and that was it she was happy! I trust her now if she says there is a problem! She loves to ride in the car! Everytime we go outside she heads right for the car hoping we are going somewhere. She also loves walking in the woods and we have taken them to the state park to walk a couple of times. Thanks again for letting me buy her!

(New Hampshire, USA)


Brandi and Mike,


Angie has arrived safely....she is beautiful. The first thing she did was lick my hand. I will send you some pictures of her with her new family in a few days. She loves my 2 yr old. I asked Angie if she had to potty and AnnAlysa went in the bathroom to get her potty chair. I laughed so hard. She could not understand why Angie would not sit on the potty. I think she will adjust fine.

Thanks Dawn
(North Carolina,USA)




Truffle (now Callie)arrived and we have all fallen in love with her! She is absolutely delightful - so beautiful and sweet! Thank you SO much! We will keep you updated and send photos of her first days.

(Nevada, USA)




Just a note to let you know Alex (now "Maxx") is doing just great in his new home. He loves his new sisters (better than they like him sometimes) and they all run around together, especially in the evening. They race around and around the couch, and will probably wear a path in the carpet. He did fine with house training, and goes outside or on a puppy pad. Still curious, irrepressible, very loveable - loves to sit on the back of the couch and watch TV. Thanks so much - We're very happy with him!

Ellen and Tom
(Texas, USA)


Hi Brandi and Mike!


Just a short e-mail to let you know that Elvis likes us and was so well-behaved in the car ride home. He didn't get car sick at all. We went to a couple of pet stores and bought him lots of stuff and the food he is used to. We got a little wire crate so he can see out on all sides, put his bed in it, and he slept in there all night beside our bed with hardly a whimper. He's going to be a really good dog. He is eating well and is happy and playful. I don't quite have the hang of the litter box thing yet, but I'll get it right eventually. Thanks again for everything!

Lynda and Mark


Hi Brandi and Mike, I'm just writing to let you know that little Elvis is doing great. We took him to the vet yesterday for another worming and shot. He didn't cry or even whimper....just licked the vet's hand. He hasn't had even one accident since you e-mailed me about the litter box and doggy door. He goes out the doggy door whenever he needs to go. He is eating well and sleeping all night. He's a happy, healthy dog. We love him and are spoiling him with our attention. He knows he's The King. We took him into the hardware store yesterday, and before we left, every clerk and half the customers in the store were gathered around the cash register admiring him and wanting to get a look at him. He seemed to really like the attention. We'll take photos and let you know how much he grows as time goes on.

Regards, Lynda and Mark


Hi Brandi and Mike I'm writing to let you know that our puppy is doing just great and he's happy and well, and we are so happy with him. He's not Elvis any more though. After getting to know him for about 2 weeks, he was so energetic and full of life and had developed such a personality, he just didn't seem like an Elvis. We changed his name to Vito--which means lively in Latin. We had his neuter surgery done a few weeks ago in Steamboat Springs. He came through the surgery just fine. We will be driving to Steamboat Springs tomorrow for a routine check-up. We found a wonderful vet there. Papillons are rare in this section of Colorado, but there are two other Papillons in Steamboat who are her patients also. Vito didn't like the snow here at first, but we bought him a red fleece jacket to wear outside until his coat got thicker. After the first month of winter, he really started liking playing in the snow. We have one of those doggy carriers that looks like a camera bag, so we take him everywhere. He has been to several movies, lots of restaurants, shopping, and to a folk music concert. He likes getting into the carrier and loves to ride in the car. He's a great traveling dog. He is about 9 inches tall at the front shoulders and weighs almost 7 pounds. He has certainly outgrown his shyness. He loves the mailman and everyone else he meets. We were very lucky to get him. He's happy and playful, and sleeps on our bed at night. He is spoiled, but that's ok. He's a great dog. I am attaching some recent pictures of him. We think he is beautiful. Hope you are doing well with your dogs.

Best regards, Lynda and Mark
(Colorado, USA)



Well, Chelsea and I have just passed our 1 year 3 week anniversary together. What a year! Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. In order to brush her a little I put her up on the counter and am able to get a few brush strokes in and then have to put her down for a "good girl treat". That being a pinch of shaved turkey or chicken then back up she goes again. It's still a good day for her when she is able to run into a friend on the road and and do semi circles around them.

(Minnesota, USA)



Mishna/Mattie is doing good. She is a good little dog and Victoria really has been good and gentle with her. I wasn't sure we made the right decision with such a small dog at first. It was very nice meeting you both and thank you for the puppy. I will send some photos for you in another email.

Sincerely, Debbie, Jim, Victoria and Mishna
(Texas, USA)




She is a doll. I bet it was hard to let her go. What a beautiful little face. I love her! She is acting fine…eating and running around. Wagging her tail too! Thank you so much!

(Michigan, USA)


Dear Brandi & Mike,


Maggy's doing great here. She was scared the first night, but she's pretty happy now. She had a little trouble adjusting to the litterbox, and she still won't "go" outside, but she started using the box yesterday and hasn't had any trouble since. I've taken her for a couple walks, and she's been great. She heels naturally and doesn't pull at the leash at all. She's still a little freaked at the collar, but she's getting better. She also wouldn't do stairs, but I coaxed her up them today. All in all, she's a great little puppy.

(Texas, USA)


Dear Brandi & Mike,


I have attached (hopefully I was successful) some photos of Maya for her 8 month birthday. She has settled in quite well, loves her walks and trips to town. We have attended (just to watch) 2 shows, and an Agility trial. Maya goes just about everywhere with me, she is a very good traveler, when she realizes I am about to leave, she jumps into her carry tote and off we go. We have just about got the house training under control, the first week was the toughest as she was still getting used to her new surroundings. In the past 3 weeks, she has had only about 1 incidence per week in the house. We leave the patio door open for her to come and go at will. I have been working with her on commands, I know you taught her to lay down, sit, and she knows the word stay. Could you let me know what some of the other commands you have taught her so I can continue her education. I think the first 2 weeks, I confused her quite a bit and knowing what words or hand signals you use would help. She loves her toys so much, she will fetch without any problem. She is learining hand signals when I feed, and have her fetch, hopefully this will come in handy if we are able to do agility. I did get a grooming table, it has helped quite a bit for her grooming routine but she still is a wiggle worm. Maya has been such a joy for us. In September, she will be flying to Washington with us to meet the rest of our family. Thanks again for choosing us as Maya's new owners.

Sincerely, Janice and John and Maya
(California, USA)


Hi Brandi!


Sasha really loves cailen (our daughter) and visa versa - it was hard for her at first i think because she was used to bigger people - now she follows cailen around every where. john has bonded with her too - 1st day - he took a nap on the couch and she cuddled on his neck - got some pictures while they were sleeping - so cute - i will forward from my pc at home when i get a chance this weekend - she is the only one who can handle his snoring - ha ha - i think she actually likes it. blues kitty has been pretty good - sasha chases him til he has to hiss at her, but he hasn't attacked her and you can tell he is really curious about her, probably jealous too - he lives outside and only comes in once in a while - i got him some fresh catnip, so he is coping - he finally learned he has to jump up on the fence to get away from her - i imagine they will warm up over time once she calms down abit at the sight of him. gotta run - thanks so much for everything - take care - have a great day!


She has settled in and is as playful as ever - i found an excellent vet in kingwood and they have 6 or more other regular local pap clients - so they know the breed pretty well - he spent alot of time with us and i feel very good with them - we are taking her back in for her next round of vacines in a week or so. she is just awesome and we are enjoying her so much - ya'll don't worry - i promise - i am a very responsible mommy and will take very good care of her - only the best for the best - thankx for staying in touch -

take care - lisa ;)


o my gosh ... i have never seen such a fast, energetic, funny little dog - she is ripping through the house at all hours at ninety miles an hour - she is expressing herself now beyond whining and whimpering in the kennel - she is barking (an adorable little chirpy sound) but relentless ;) i thought a tennis ball would be too big for her - no way - it is her favorite toy - we have wood floors and she slides across them back/n/forth and so on and so on - she is truly a speed demon - and now she barks when she jumps down off the couch cuz she is still scared, but gets so frustrated to get at those toys on the ground ;) we have to get more tennis balls. Needless to say we are doing well -



Happy New Year Brandi ! Sorry it has taken so long to get this to you, but wanted to send you a few pix and let you know that Sasha is working out wonderfully - She is such a part of our little family now and we love her so much - a wonderful pet - and we truly appreciate finding her through you ! will send more pix when i can - these were our christmas card this year -

take care, Lisa, Cailen & John


she is very spoiled - our cat is so jealous... she has just recently started getting very smart - intuitive almost - she responds so well to all of us - but we have this one major problem .... she wants to play ball/toy/fetch all the time !!! i taught her to bring her ball/toy to my hand and now, she is pushing something in my hand all the time - she is an amazing fetch dog - i have never seen anything like it - and she's a great watch dog too - she likes to drive the car too (its the perfect place to get her belly rubbed while she can see everyone and everything) - she loves the water/bath and digging in wet wash rags - ping pong balls are the best toy we have found she enjoys playing with the most - she always is trotting around with a little house shoe or a ball in her mouth ... yadayadayaday - can you tell i love her?

take care, Lisa


we went camping this weekend and i drug her and cailen through the cold ankle deep river rapids at garner state park - then we all sunned and snacked on the warm rocks at the face of a mountain cliff - we had so much fun - she is a great dog - everyone loves her - i have to take a picture and send to you - she has really cool markings and now i am kinda glad that i didn't get the blackNwhite or full Tri-Color that I originally wanted -

(Texas, USA)




I just thought I would write and tell you how well Poppy is doing! She is around 9 months old now and just beautiful. Her coat is filling in nicely and she has a wonderful temperment. Poppy still uses the litterbox at night, and goes outside the rest of the day. She is wonderfully friendly with our neighbors and friends, but is an unbelievable watch dog the rest of the time. Someone could pull up in our drive way and she starts her barking. I wonder if this is a Papillion trait as I haven't owned a dog that has done that before. Anyway, I will send you some pictures of her as the snow is finally melting. She has been outfitted in the most beautiful clothes this winter, and now I am looking for a new spring carrier for her. She doesn't seem to like the car too much though...seems to get motion sickness unless she is with me in the front seat! Poppy plays with my mother's Shitzu (spelling?) China and they are just the best of friends. Anyway, just letting you know she is our spoiled little girl :)

(New Jersey, USA)


Brandi and Mike


Here are a few pictures of Emmett and one of him with his older sister. He is one great dog. Still having a little trouble housebreaking him but its getting better each day. He follows Marlene or me around like a tail. Can't go anywhere without him right behide us. Have one question. Every time Marlene asks him where daddy is, even when I'm sitting here he goes to the back door looking for his daddy. We were wondering if he knew Mike as daddy? We love him more each day. Thank you for such a sweet animal.

George and Marlene
(Florida, USA)


Brandi and Mike


We now call Spunky, Phoebe as she so reminds us of Phoebe on "Friends". The wild hair style, the quirky personality and the funny antics she does with her roommates. I am including three pictures of Phoebe.She has been on vacation, to New York, Chicago, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City.

Thank you, Diana
(Texas, USA)


Brandi and Mike

Cookie has become my husband's spoiled little girl even though we had gotten her for our daughter. She even rides on his motorcycle with him. He built a special seat just for her. How rotten is that?

(Texas, USA)

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