Papillon Breed Profile

Height: 8-11 inches at the shoulder.

Weight: 3-9 lbs on average, but there are always exceptions.

Colors: Primarily white body with pale lemon, red, chesnut, mahogany, black or tri. The color should cover the ears and eyes for showing.
Visit our Colors Page to see color examples.

Coat: Long and silky with no undercoat. Brushing at least once a week is recomended.
Considered a "wash-n-go" breed as their coat care is quite minimal and easy.

Temperment: Friendly, lively, intelligent, always learning. It is important to socialize them when young so they are always accepting of new things and people.

Health issues: Very healthy in general, but Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Patella problems can be associated with the breed. Papillon breeders have worked hard to wipe these problems out. PRA is typically a late onset disease that can not be detected in a younger dog, but gene technology is currently underway to hopefully some day make early detection possible.

Lifespan: 13-16 years with proper care.

Interesting Characteristics:
#1 Extremely Intelligent and capable of learning most anything you spend the time to teach them. It is very important to keep their minds busy with daily learning.
#2 Known to be VERY adaptable. They can adjust to most any setting whether it be wide-open country space or a small apartment dwelling.
#3 Known to be one of the top ranking toy breeds in Obediene and Agility trials.
#4 They never stop learning. You actually can teach an old dog new tricks!
#5 They, for some reason, seem to adore cats! Even an older Papillon that has never been around cats seems to take right to them once introduced.

Origin: France from the 1400-1500's

In Depth Papillon History

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